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To Call or Not to Call

September 5, 2011

Sorry for the delay. I meant to post again last night, but by the time I got home I was too tired to do anything. Rachel made dinner and then… well, we stayed in. Maybe it’s a good thing I decided to wait on this post, though, because it’s given me more time to think about what’s happened.

Okay, so I told you about the weird giant bone picture. I’ve gotten a couple of emails from people who want to see it, and I wish I could just post it here, but I made a promise to my friend not to. Anyway, if someone from the Smithsonian found out that I made it public, I’d probably get fired. Sorry!

But like I said, that wasn’t the weirdest thing that happened yesterday. After I left the Smithsonian, I went to lunch with Rachel… late, as always. She is much more forgiving than I deserve sometimes. Okay, all the time.

While we were eating, we realized that a man was literally staring at us from across the street. Before we knew what to do, he crossed over and started talking to me. I don’t mind saying that he gave me the creeps. He had the most intense eyes I’ve ever seen, and he was constantly making eye contact with me. Who does that? Stalkers, that’s who.

At first I thought he might be trying to recruit me, since there’s a company called Creation Tech that’s apparently been asking around town about me. But he didn’t give me the chance to ask any questions. He just told me his name and slipped me a business card with a phone number on it. No company name, no address, no hint at what he wants. Just the phone number.

I feel like I’ve just walked into a movie or something. I mean, this sort of thing doesn’t happen in real life, does it? Not my life, that’s for damn sure.

So… I think I’m going to call the number. Rachel doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but I’m not so sure. Is it a coincidence that I saw the giant picture and then got approached by that guy all on the same day?

I’ll write again when I find out more.


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