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I love modern technology although I’m becoming increasingly interested in ancient technology as it relates to ancient Egypt, the Mesopotamians, The Sumerians and others. I’m fascinated with ancient archeological accomplishments like the great pyramids,Tiahuanaco, the Piri Ries map, and other weird science stuff.My day job is programmer and systems analyst (I make and break code) but I’m itching for a change. I love my work but I’d like to incorporate a little travel in my near future.

Sherwood Brighton is a character in “The Book of Creation” by Evan Braun and Clint Byars.  Sherwood’s social networking presence is purely for entertainment purposes.  However, the authors have legitimate interests in all the topics addressed through Sherwood’s internet presence.  Any communication can be directed to the authors or through any of Sherwood’s social networking platforms.
The Book of Creation will be available in late 2011.

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